Thee Pluto’s Biography: Age, Height, Real name, Girlfriend, and Net worth

Thee Pluto
Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto, whose real name is Robert Ndegwa Kamau, is a Kenyan YouTuber, social media influencer, musician, model and businessman. He became prominent by conducting random loyalty relationship tests in the streets, earning the name moniker Street Sanitiser.

Thee Pluto’s massive social media following has made him appear among the most popular content creator in Kenya. Besides his social media career, he is also the founder and chief executive officer of Home of Ideas, a company which mentors the youth.

Summary about Thee Pluto’s biography


  • Real name: Robert Ndegwa Kamau
  • Popular as: Thee Pluto
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth:  29 August 1999
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • Birth place: Maera, Naivasha County
  • Current address: Nairobi
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Tribe: Kikuyu


  • Relationship status: Dating
  • Girlfriend: Felicity Shiru
  • Children: 2

Education, Career, and net worth

  • Alma Mater: Dithida Senior High School, JKUAT
  • Profession:  Digital creator, musician, businessman
  • Net worth: Ksh 50 million

Early life

Thee Pluto was born Robert Ndegwa Kamau in Maera, Naivasha County.  He is the third born in a family of five. However, the YouTuber has yet to disclose the names of his siblings and parents. He was reportedly raised by his grandmother and his elder brother.


Pluto began his elementary education at Mailea Township Academy School before transferring to Sonoko Private School in Naivasha. Later, she enrolled at Githiga Boys in Kiambu County. The influencer did his KCSE exams in 2016.

After performing well in his KCSE exams, he joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He was initially called to pursue Actuarial Science but changed to a course of his choice, Economics. Nevertheless, he was compelled to defer his studies after impregnating a fellow student. He later resumed his studies and graduated on 2 December 2022.

Career highlights

Pluto is an acclaimed  YouTuber and social media personality. Growing up, Pluto never thought about pursuing a social media career. He was passionate about economics, hence earning a bachelor’s degree in it.

In 2019, he created his Instagram page, where he exhibited his love for fashion. Pluto acquired a significant following on the platform. He, however,  gained national notoriety from his loyalty tests on his YouTube channel, which he created shortly after becoming famous on Instagram.

The renowned content creator started his YouTube channel with his current girlfriend, Felicity. He is famous for testing the level of faithfulness in couples in a cheeky stunt he dubs “sanitise. His channel, Thee Pluto Show, has over 808 thousand subscribers and over 908 videos as of now.

In December 2022, YouTube released a list of the most watched videos. Thee Pluto Show led in the Top Creators’ category, followed by New Life TV Kenya and Lynn Ngugi channel, respectively.

Thee Pluto also had a TikTok account. Unfortunately, the account was recently closed down for violating restrictive community guidelines. The account had more than 977 thousand followers before it was banned. It was closed after he casually shared his contact number in response to requests from some  friends, not knowing that he was violating TikTok’s guidelines.

Besides content creation, Pluto is the founder and chief executive officer of Home of Ideas, a company that was established in 2019 to establish business opportunities for Kenyans by funding viable business ideas. It also mentors the youth and impacts their lives.  Additionally, he is a farmer at Pluto Dairies and a forex and binary trader.

Before becoming a household name in Kenya, he did various jobs to earn a living. For instance, he worked as a mathematics tutor at Bishop Oishere Secondary School in Mai Mahiu in 2017 before joining college. He also operated a shop in Kahawa Wendani.

Who is Thee Pluto’s dating?

The YouTuber is dating his fellow YouTuber Felicity ‘Shiru’ Wanjiru. The pair met in June 2021 in Naivasha during a Safari rally and began dating after a while. Three Pluto and Felicity Shiru welcomed their first child together on 4 November 2022. Thee Pluto’s daughter Zoey Kamau was born at Komarock Modern Healthcare.

This is, however, not Pluto’s first child, as he is a father of two. He had his firstborn child (daughter) with his ex-girlfriend while a college student.  In June 2023, rumours emerged that Thee Pluto was cheating on Felicity Shiru. However, Thee Pluto’s girlfriend defended him, saying people were just trying to tarnish his name.

What is Thee Pluto’s height?

The popular content creator stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 centimetres).

What is Thee Pluto’s net worth?

The Kenyan content creator is about 50 million Kenyan shillings. His wealth can be attributed to his loyalty test clips on YouTube. According to the YouTuber, he made his first million at age 20.  He has used part of his wealth to build a five-bedroom palatial mansion  worth KSh 10 million.

Frequently asked questions about Thee Pluto

Who is Thee Pluto?

Thee Pluto is a Kenyan YouTuber, social media influencer, musician, and  businessperson.

What is Thee Pluto’s age?

Pluto is 24 years old now. He was born on  29 August 1999.

What is Thee Pluto’s height?

The popular content creator stands at 5 feet 4 inches (162 centimetres.)

Who is Thee Pluto’s girlfriend?

Pluto has been dating his fellow content creator Felicity ‘Shiru’ Wanjiru since 2021.

How much is Thee Pluto worth?

His net worth is alleged to be Ksh 50 million.

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