Lizzie Wanyoike: Biography, Tribe, Career, Illness, Death, and Burial

Lizzie  Wanyoike
The late Lizzie  Wanyoike

Lizzie Wanyoike was a Kenyan educator, instructor, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She founded the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) and Emory Hotel based in Nairobi. Additionally, she owned the Lizzie Wanyoike Foundation, a sponsorship charity foundation.

Lizzie Wanyoike held the position of Chief executive officer at Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS). Besides, she owned Lizzie Preparatory Schools in Ruiru, Kiambu County and NIBS Hotel situated at Kileleshwa. Unfortunately, she passed away on 14 January 2024. Discover more details about her in the post.

Summary about Lizzie Wanyoike biography

  •  Name: Elizabeth Muthoni Wanyoike
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 28 November 1951
  • Age at the time of death: 73 years
  • Birth sign: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Tribe: Kikuyu
  • Place of birth: Murang’a County, Kenya
  • Residence: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Black
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches (167 cm)
  • Weight: 127 pounds (58kg)
  • Net worth: $500 thousand

Lizzie Wanyoike biography

She was born Elizabeth Muthoni Wanyoike. What is Liz Wanyoike’s tribe? Lizzie was born in Murang’a County, Gathukeini village. She is a Kikuyu, a Bantu ethnic group from Central Kenya.

She follows the Christian faith. The Kenyan entrepreneur was the sixth born in a family of ten children. Her father was a teacher and village chief during the colonial days.

He worked as a double agent for the Colonials and the Mau Mau. He was later arrested and jailed for nine years. As a result, the family lived in a concentration camp and operated under a curfew.
Her mother was a homemaker. After her father’s release, the family went to live in Kiriaini.

Educational background

Lizzie  Wanyoike

Lizzie studied at Gathuki-ini Primary School in Wathenge, Muranga County, before joining Kahuhia Girls High School in Karuri. She later attended Kenyatta University College and graduated with a Diploma in Education.

Professional career

She commenced her career as a secondary school teacher at State House Girls’ School in 1972. In 1975, she joined her husband and other business partners at Temple College of Secretarial Studies, Nairobi. She worked as an instructor and principal at the institution.

She later left the institution, took her savings of KSh 6 million (US$60,000) and a bank loan from Equity Bank Kenya Limited, worth KSh4 million (US$40,000) and launched NIBS in 1999.

In 2010, she managed to move the institution from rented premises to building a headquarters at Ruiru-Kimbo, Kiambu County, on a 10 acre/4 ha property. In 2018, she established NIBS Hotel, a five-star hotel located in Kileleshwa with a budget of US$400 million.

She invested in real estate, established Emory Hotel, and developed Liziie Preparatory Schools. Additionally, she began the Lizzie Wanyoike Foundation, which sponsors over 20 disadvantaged students in NIBS and other Kenyan high schools.

She was recognized by Forbes Magazine as a Top 100 Woman Entrepreneur in 2012.  Wanyoike bagged several awards, including Head of State Commendation, the Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (MBS), and the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (OGW).

Lizzie Wanyoike net worth

Lizzie received huge sums of money from her career. Her net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand. The entrepreneur’s net worth is primarily attributed to her flourishing career as a businesswoman and educator.

Lizzie Muthoni Wanyoike husband

Lizzie was married to Mr Mburu Wanyoike, a former Gatanga Member of parliament who also passed away in 2018. The couple was married for 26 years. However, their union faced underlying challenges, such as their 15-year age difference. Mburu was older than her.

This age gap made it difficult for her to bond with her ex-husband, and the two eventually went their separate ways in 1997. In her words, she detailed her exit, saying,

I did not walk out. We got to a point where he felt that we could not continue. One day, I came home and was not allowed through the gate. I tried pleading, but no one would hear me. I only had my handbag and a car, which was in my name. I left with nothing.

Lizzie Wanyoike children

She is a mother of three. Her biological children are Stella Wanjiru, Wanyoike Mburu and Eric Kariuki. Stella is a structural engineer and the expert behind the structures of their family business. She also had three stepchildren.

Is Lizzie Wanyoike alive?

Lizzie’s children speak during her memorial service at ACK St. Joseph of Arimathea.

Lizzie reportedly died of cancer on 14 January 2024 at the age of 73.  She had been battling cancer since 2023. Prior to her death, she shared a scripture on her Facebook page 12 hours before her death.

St. Mark 11:24 Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. May God answer all you have prayed for. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lizzie Wanyoike burial

Her body is currently being preserved at Lee Funeral Home. Her body will leave Lee Funeral Home on 23 January 2024 at 8:00 AM for burial at her Gatanga home. Family and friends meet at the Garden Estate residence every day at 3:00 PM in preparation for her burial.

Lizzie Wanyoike facts

  1. Lizzie Muthoni was a Kenyan educator, instructor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  2. Lizzie is the founder of the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) and Emory Hotel.
  3. She was born on 28 November 1951.
  4. Lizzie died of cancer on 14 January 2024 aged 73.
  5. She was married to former Gatanga Member of parliament Mr. Mburu Wanyoike.
  6. In 1997, she separated from her husband after being together for over 26 year.
  7.  Muthoni has three biological children Stella Wanjiru, Wanyoike Mburu and Eric Kariuki.
  8. She was 15 years younger than her husband.
  9. Lizzie Wanyoike would be laid to rest on 23 January 2024.
  10. Her body is being preserved at Lee Funeral Home.
  11. Lizzie’s memorial service was held on 18 January 2024 at ACK St. Joseph of Arimathea.


Lizzie Wanyoike founded the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) and the prestigious four-star Emory Hotel, among other ventures. Her impact on the education and hotel industries has been remarkable and outstanding. She was a visionary, transformative figure and mentor. She shaped the lives of many with her passion, becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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