Brian Mwenda: Age, Family, Tribe, Education, Cases, and Controversies

Brian Mwenda
Controversial lawyer Brian Mwenda

Brian Mwenda is a Kenyan human rights activist, controversial lawyer, and social media influencer. Brian has been trending after a post by the Law Society of Kenya claiming he is not a qualified lawyer as he has yet to attend law school. After the news of Mwenda’s fraudulent legal practice took the internet by storm, Kenyans began referring to him as the Kenyan Mike Ross.

Brian Mwenda is an exceptional self-acclaimed lawyer who falsely presents himself as an advocate of the high court. With his professionalism and knowledge in handling civil and criminal cases, he has gallantly argued and won 26 legal cases before the high court, magistrate, and court of appeal.

Summary about Brian Mwenda’s biography

  • Full name: Brian Mwenda Nyaga
  • Gender: Male
  • Age:. 28 years old
  • Place of residence: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Ethnicity: Meru
  • Education: Madaraka primary school, Chuka university
  • Profession: Controversial lawyer, human rights activist

Brian Mwenda’s biography

Not much is known about Brian Mwenda’s parents or siblings. Amidst his impersonation scandal, Brian has assured his family that he is okay. He belongs to the Meru ethnic tribe. Brian Mwenda’ father has however spoken about his his embattled son.

What is Brian Mwenda’s age?

Despite taking the internet by storm, precise details about Mwenda’s age are yet to be made public. It is alleged that the human rights activist is 28 years old as of October 2023.

Brian Mwenda’s education

Brian studied at Madaraka Primary School. He later enrolled in an unidentified secondary school for his high school studies, where he scored a B+ in his KCSE. The controversial lawyer was called to join Chuka University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in criminology.

A spot check by a Kenyan university students’ organization has allegedly established that he is still a second-year student at Chuka University taking criminology. Unfortunately, Brian is said to have never set foot in a law class and holds no LLB degree or LSK certificate despite his extensive knowledge in the legal field.

However, according to Brian Mwenda’s father, his embattled son pursued a diploma course in criminology that enabled him to join Strathmore University in 2017 and graduated in 2020. In his own words, Brian joined the Kenya School of Law (KSL) in 2021 and completed his studies in December 2022.


Mwenda is a well-known human rights activist, social media personality, and controversial lawyer. His social media popularity began after a post by the Law Society of Kenya accusing him of masquerading as a professional legal practitioner went viral.

How did Brian end up practicing law in court? Brian began working at the office of the attorney general. He did not apply for a practicing certificate as he was not required to work in the AG’s office. He probably gained extensive legal knowledge from working with the best legal minds in the country.

How many cases has Brian Mwenda represented?

With no legal qualifications and not being registered as a member of the Kenya Legal Association, the acclaimed lawyer has victoriously handled 26 legal cases in front of judges for the past three years, with none questioning his professionalism. He has reportedly representing high-profile clients such as Maina Njenga.

Why was Brian Mwenda arrested?

The law society of Kenya’s Nairobi branch, through the rapid action team (RAT), blew up Mwenda’s cover, claiming that he has been misrepresenting himself as a legal practitioner, yet he has no legal qualifications.

This came after three years of posing as an advocate of the high court, representing 26 cases in the courts and winning all of them. They said he is not a member of the Law Society of Kenya Nairobi branch as he claimed to be.

According to the Kenya police statement, the fraudulent lawyer used a standard fraud scheme, a business email compromise, to his advantage. He took advantage of a different advocate’s inactive status. He applied for his practicing certificate payment by contacting the secretariat, but this proved futile as his application was denied because of incorrect emails and credentials.

Brian Mwenda later got unauthorized access to a different lawyer’s account and took control of the portal, altering his profile photo and workplace details to merge with the actual lawyer. He later drafted an application for a practicing certificate to court officials, but his application was denied as he needed help to provide actual documents.

Briian was eventually caught up in his schemes after the LSK got several claims from civilians. This lead the LSK to investigate, only to find out that he was not a professional lawyer.

Amidst this impersonation saga, several influential people and netizens have come to Brian’s rescue. For instance,  former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko offered to take the young lad to a law school while COTU secretary general promised to stand by his side. Brian is still under investigation to ascertain whether he is a trained lawyer or just claiming to be one.

Frequently asked questions about Brian Mwenda

Why is Brian Mwenda famous?

Mwenda gained popularity after the Law Society of Kenya blew his cover as an imposter practicing law in Kenya, leading to his arrest.

How many cases have Brian Mwenda represented?

It is alleged that Brian has confidently presented and argued 26 cases before the high court, magistrate, and court of appeal judges.

Has Brian Mwenda ever won a case?

The masquerading lawyer has successfully won all his 26 cases.

How old is Brian Mwenda?

His exact age is not available. However, many sources claim he is 28 years old as of now.

What tribe is Brian Mwenda?

Brian is of Meru ethnic background.

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